PII Security in Complex Hospitality Environment

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Evelyne Oreskovich (Hospitality Evolution Resources) introduces the ever growing threats that the malicious mining of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is to the hospitality industry.

On the stage to discuss this topic were Marion Hughes (Hospitality Evolution Resources), Jeff Venza (Venza Group), Scott Scheffe (One Safe Place), Jibran Ilyas(Trustwave), Robert Braun (Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell).


ASPAC Roundtable

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The early birds attended a roundtable on how HEDNA might build its presence and education in this region.

Dave Revelle has taken on the role of the ASPAC director on the HEDNA board as of Monday 3rd December and as part of his role led a roundtable discussion on this market.

He’ll be reaching out to the group to gather momentum on two fronts:  developing educational programs geared to the needs of the ASPAC region, and trying to build the membership base of companies located in ASPAC.

Ludovic Dumas – Understanding and Attracting Chinese Customers sponsored by Elavon

December 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Outbound tourism market from China.

People think about China as a whole market, whereas

120 million outbound tourists in 2015.

The way that your front line employees, marketing, and opertions teams react to the Chinese customer will determine your brand value to them.

Key Segmentation Categories:

  • Geographical differences – e.g. consumers in Beijing are different to those in Shanghai
  • Social differences – more than 7,500 individuals have $150M, 63,500 have over $15M, 1,020,000 over $1.5M! This is just the official figures
  • Wealth – more than 500M middle class in 2012. Roughly four times the size of the American middle class.
  • Method of travelling
    • Group
      • Government
      • Corporation
      • Association
      • MICE
    • Individual
      • Parent and daughter/son (discovery travel and education)
  • Working environment
    • Joint venture employees (e.g. Intel have 2,000 employees)
  • Little Emporers – very affluent, very brand conscious

The channels that these segments use are different. For example all the socail media used in the west do not apply in China (not Facebook, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.).

The internet portals used are Ctrip, Elong, 1258, Chinese airlines sites.

Advertising mediums are very different. For example, by using an in taxi advertising medium the New Zealand tourism board managed to increase their traveller volumes by 30%.

The style of positioning the brands in China are completely different, the colours, styles, content, phrases etc. are NOT the same as they are in the West, so you can’t simply use the same marketing rules.

The key time of travel is July -> October.


Julie Ask – First Approach for Mobile Hospitality Services

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Julie gave us a fast paced and fact filled presentation that was simply too much for your correspondent to capture. Here are a few highlights….

Consumers are going to spend $2Bn dollars on mobile in the next year!

What does mobile first mean? It means designing for mobile at the start not retro fitting technologies designed for desktops.

Mobile is a different type of device as it is:

1. highly contextual
2. task orientated
3. digital services layer

Julie encourages companies to design for more than 12-24 months. Companies need to allocate significant budgets to mobile and accept that this is just a cost of doing business and will not replace expenses from the other parts of the business.

In truth to get the full picture you really had to be here!!!!

Travel Indsutry – Looking Forward – Dr. Bill Carroll

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He explained how the basics of Land – Labor – Capital – Entrepreneurship apply to our industry.

In terms of land we have a shift caused by climate change, terrorism, and a new world order in terms of move from West to East. 2010 – 2030 – World GDP shift from US/EU to China is enormous, a significant shift in the economic order.

The labor market is better educated
Baby Boomers -> Gen X -> Millennials
The Millennial are motivated, mobile, better educated, entrepreneurial, digitally competent.

The entrepreneurial spirit of these millennials is a catalyst for the industry.

Dr. Carroll referred to an Amadeus report From Chaos to Collaboration 2012 see the report here.

Different Experiences
Mass, live social events
Group buying/travelling
Social media as catalyst

This is going to lead to technology which enables:
smart mobile
group shopping

What are you willing to trade of your privacy information in order to get improved services. “Private information has become a currency.”

In conclusion:
A changed world economic order
Major demographic shift
Security privacy and community is fundamental to the consumer





Here we go. Hope everyone has their game face on!

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HEDNA Winter 2012 in Las Vegas is ready to go.

We start with an introduction from President Melanie Owens.

In her presentation she outlined the strategic objectives of the association.

  • We are on track for the financial objectives set by the board.
  • 22 new members in 2012 which is the highest growth in 5 years
  • 50% Allied / 45% Principal / 5% Fellowship
  • We have had 7 HEDNA U in 2012
  • We will have a new website up by mid 2013
  • New Facebook page was launched in 2012
  • There are 3 current forums
    • Payment Technologies
    • Leisure Wholesale
    • Connectivity Working Group
  • There will be a new HEDNA Speak Up session which will allow the membership to enter a dialogue with the Board



Spring Conference Roundup

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A big thank you to all those who attended HEDNA’s 2012 Spring Conference in Madrid, 5-7 June! If you missed the conference or want to relive the fun, here’s where you can find the materials:

And don’t forget to save the date for the HEDNA Winter Conference – December 3-5, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada!


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